What is s4s Lumber – Everything You Need to Know


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What is s4s Lumber

Professionals called wood “Lumber Estimator” when dealing with this material for many construction and manufacturing projects. The name S4S Lumber is ordinary in the lumber world.

Do you know what is S4S lumber? If not, let’s explore detailed information in this guide. It is helpful to understand so you can choose the best option to deal with your lumber project.

What Does “S4S” Stand For?

A flawless and even surface is a desire of everyone. You can find it through S4S.

What does it mean? S4S reflects the full abbreviation “Surfaced Four Sides.” It is the type of wood well-smooth from all four sides.

Species Available in S4S

  • Alder
  • Knotty Alder
  • Cherry
  • Hickory
  • Hard Maple
  • Popular
  • Red Oak
  • Walnut
  • White Oak
  • WindsorONE Primed Pine

Characteristics of S4S Lumber

S4S is high in demand in the market due to the following characteristics:

Characteristics of S4S Lumber

  • Even thickness from all 4 sides
  • Uniform width from all 4 sides
  • Two parallel faces
  • Two straight edges
  • Sanded on 120 grit on all 4 sides

Manufacturing Process of S4S Lumber

  1. Select the suitable and superior quality lumber with color, texture, and grade consistency.
  2. Surface all the boards to ensure equal thickness by using Newman-Whitney EPR-24 Planer.
  3. Then, use the Greco Dimter Scanner to scan the board width and defect optimization.
  4. Gang-rip the boards using the Raimann Moving Blade Rip Saw.
  5. Next, use the Greco Dimter Opticut 350 Optimizing Saw System to optimize the length of the boards. Also, trim the double ends for precision.
  6. Ultimately, pass the boards through the Weinig outboard-bearing high-speed molder to finally mold S4S and give a finished look.

Advantages of S4S Lumber

Different variants of S4S are variable in the market, and people are using them for many advantages:

  • Easy to work with due to highly smooth surface
  • Ready to finish due to little sanding integration
  • Good for saving time and energy since there is no need for planning and sanding
  • It is the best quality but expensive material
  • S4S is a good option if you lack tools, such as table saw, jointer, or planer

Common Uses of S4S Lumber

Retail lumber yards, cabinet manufacturers, and millwork companies use S4S lumber for the following applications:

  • Cribs
  • Dressers
  • Nightstands
  • Stools
  • Kitchen table
  • Other furniture products

Other Types Available in SXS

SXS comes in three major types:

S4S Lumber

  1. S2S
  2. S3S
  3. S4S

Two more names used in this field are RGH and SLR, elaborating Rough Cut Lumber and Straight Line Rip. Its uniform thickness and width make it the best choice among lumber yards.


S4S is a type of lumber experts use for making different items, such as furniture. It is a good type of lumber with a smooth and flawless surface. The manufacturing process is also promoted since it needs less time and energy for production. There is also no need for heavy tools to operate S4S lumber. The other types of SXS include S2S and S3S. However, S4S is the best one among them.

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