Lumber Estimating

Precise and accurate lumber cost estimates to optimize your project budget and timelines.

Lumber Takeoffs

Delivering gap-free lumber takeoff assessment for perfect resource allocation and smooth framing.

Lumber Consultation

Consultation Consultation sessions on how to fix lumber project budget issues without damaging quality.

Why Do You Need Lumber Estimators?

According to our recent report, there are 37,423 Lumber businesses in the US. 97% of these firms start their projects after getting lumber takeoff assessments from professionals in the industry. They do so for precise and accurate lumber estimates. It means estimators play an important role in the success of any wood-construction project.

As an expert of the leading lumber estimating firm, we offer budget estimating and takeoff services to our customers. Get our assistance today!

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable USA-based lumber contractors to increase their project win bid ratio by providing our lumber takeoff and lumber cost estimating services with 100% precision and accuracy.

Our Vision

We see contractors with a 98% win-bid ratio, good lead generation, and one-after-one lumber-based building projects. We want to enable you to confidently win the hearts of your clients.


Services We Offer

We are certified lumber cost estimators with 24+ years of working experience and delivering quality to our customers. Our team understands your needs and therefore offers you all services related to wood construction. Check our services below!

Lumber Takeoffs Service

Lumber Takeoffs

We have delivered 3500+ lumber takeoff assessments to contractors and subcontractors, considering Timber, Countertops, Trusses, Sheathing, and Paver stands.
Lumber Cut Lists

Lumber Cut Lists

We offer a lumber cut list that defines billing and scheduling. It demonstrates the detailed lumber material requirements.

Budget Estimates

Budget Estimates

Are you worried about your lumber project budget? Let our estimators fix this issue! We will provide you with accurate results.
Value Engineering

Value Engineering

Our team helps you lower the project costs by deleting or replacing unnecessary expenses without damaging the final project’s quality.
Framing Takeoffs
Our company helps Lumber Yards by delivering them profitable framing takeoffs for residential, commercial, industrial, and other construction projects.
Bid Estimates

Bid Estimates

Do you want to know how much your lumber bid will cost? Let us estimate this expense and optimize the bidding budget on your behalf.
Bidding Assistance

Bidding Assistance

At our estimating firm, we offer bidding assistance to help you understand how to submit bids professionally to win a lumber project.
Preliminary Estimates

Preliminary Estimates

Before detailed lumber estimation, we provide rough estimates for your lumber project to help you detect the project’s required budget.

Why Our Building Lumber Estimators For Takeoff & Estimating Services

Lumber Estimator should be your only choice for profitable lumber takeoff services and estimating assessments. We ensure 100% efficient deliveries by leveraging our expertise and industry knowledge. Furthermore, we use technology-integrated takeoff and estimating methods for quality outcomes.

Highest Win-Bid Ratio

We do our best to bring your win-bid ratio to 98% by delivering quality lumber takeoffs.

24/7 Services

Our customer support remains open 24/7 to equip you with reasonable budget solutions on the spot.

Fast Turnaround Time

We respond within 10 minutes and submit estimates within 24 to 48 hrs for a standard-size project.

Successful Projects
2000 +
Happy Clints
1500 +
50 +

Our Samples

The estimators of our company offer services for various construction projects. These include Institutional, Multiplexes, High-rise buildings, Monuments, Hotels, Renovation, Sports clubs, Culverts, and additions. You can see our samples in the section below and explore the success rate by choosing the Click Here button.

Increase Your Project Efficiency with our Lumber Takeoff Services!

Choose our lumber cost estimators to pre-plan your wood construction! We will remove the chances of material shortage and excess waste production, saving waste management expenses. Join hands to hold your money and time on your lumber project!

Lumber estimator

What You Will Get In Deliverables

Our assessment plays the actual role when we deliver all the points and facts to our customers. Therefore, we always submit comprehensive data to our customers in Excel spreadsheets.

From wood types to quality and rates, we consider and deliver everything to our customers. We help you in planning your woodwork like a pro. Our assistance enables you to eliminate the risk factor from your lumber project. Furthermore, we support you in organizing your activities professionally and executing them smoothly. 8 out of 10 estimating companies ignore overhead expenses and contingencies when estimating lumber projects. But, we always consider them to deliver error-free takeoff and estimating results to our customers. See the below portion to see what we submit to our clients!

Understandable Lumber takeoff EXCEL sheets

Comprehensive marked-up drawing plans

Labor number required for a particular project

Gao-free Lumber cut list

Detailed lumber and labor market pricing

Bid summary with all resources and expenses

How To Get Lumber Estimates

Do you want to get estimates to start your lumber project? Our processing is flawless and transparent. We only need your project drawings and initial details to understand the scope and start estimation. Discover in detail how you can get our estimates!

Share Project Drawings

Use our Upload Button to share your project drawings and other initial documents for project scope analysis with our estimators.

Get a Free Quote

We will scan your project specifications, understand its needs, and create a quote. Receive the quote with an invoice!

Clear Invoices

Review the quotation, understand our working techniques, see our charges, and pay the invoice using the online payment methods.

Receive Takeoffs

After your confirmation, we will start working on your project and submit results within the shortest working duration. Start working now!

Do You Want To Share Project Details Now?

Don’t miss the beat and avail our discount offer on your first lumber estimate!

Our Portfolios

The estimators of our lumber takeoff company offer services for various construction projects. These include Institutional, Multiplexes, High-rise buildings, Monuments, Hotels, Renovation, Sports clubs, Culverts, and additions. You can see our samples in the section below and explore the success rate by choosing the Click Here button.

Our Clients

Our clients’ list is long. We help all professionals working in the wood construction industry in the United States. Check to whom we offer our lumber takeoff services. 

General Contractors

Helping general contractors plan their lumber projects with perfect budget and time management.

Lumber Retailers

Assisting lumber retailers in their jobs’ smooth execution and ideal management of billing.


Whether blueprint reading or lumber measurement, we support you in managing your tasks efficiently.


Ensuring the smooth delivery and movement of lumber from one place to another.

Lumber Wholesale Supply Companies

Making records of inventory and efficient loading and unloading expenses leveraging our lumber estimators’ expertise.


Helping developers by managing their lumber project development, contract, and financing.

Clients Review

Their Feedback About Our Services

What Do We Quantify in the Lumber Project

What is our range regarding the scope of takeoffs? Be calm! We are detail-oriented here, too, like our processing. Our estimators consider all the elements in a lumber project to deliver gap-free and error-free takeoffs. Whether you deal with timber or plastic fabrication, we will assist you in providing quality lumber takeoffs. Check our quantifiable list below!

Get Quick Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Till today, our lumber takeoff consultants and estimators have satisfied thousands of our potential customers. Our success is hidden under our takeoff and estimating records. You can reach us any time to ask your queries and have prompt solutions. Furthermore, it would help if you explored our quick answer bank to have an answer to your common questions.

We actually require the shortest duration to generate and submit lumber takeoff and estimate results. Our estimators can complete the job within 24-48 hours. However, your project’s high complexities can extend the TAT.
We consider the following elements in our lumber framing takeoff assessment:
  • style=”font-weight: 400;”>Wood panels
  • Plates
  • style=”font-weight: 400;”>Studs
  • style=”font-weight: 400;”>Joists
  • style=”font-weight: 400;”>Sheathing
  • style=”font-weight: 400;”>Headers
  • style=”font-weight: 400;”>Cripples
  • style=”font-weight: 400;”>Trimmers
  • style=”font-weight: 400;”>Trusses for framing takeoff.
Besides these, we also factor in logistics expenses, labor wages, permit fees, insurance costs, and taxes. dolorum voluptatum esse error?
Our estimators use Excel sheets to enter the outcomes of the takeoff assessment. However, regarding format, we are flexible and offer deliveries in both our and your format.
Our service charges are more reasonable than those of other estimators on the market. It can be as low as $100 and as high as $1000, depending on the scope of your lumber project. You can request a free quote for exact lumber takeoff service charges.

Precise & Accurate Lumber Estimating Service For Your Pocket Benefits

Whether time management, resource allocation, financing, material quality, lumber cuttings, measurements, or transportation, you can fix the budget issue of your lumber project with our assistance. We ensure you will get highly optimized results, enabling you to save time and money efficiently. Contact our professional estimators, share your project budget issues, and get a reliable solution from our lumber takeoff services today! 

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