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According to the survey, 445000+ lumber vendors are working in the USA. 

Choosing a reliable and trusted lumber vendor for your construction project is certainly difficult. You can’t put your construction project success at risk so, you need an estimating partner to handle your lumber needs. Flawless lumber estimates are crucial for your bid-win ratio and getting your desired commercial construction projects. 

Hiring experienced professionals enhances the accuracy of your material lists and provides you with an advantage in the competitive construction industry. Lumber Estimator is a leading lumber estimating company in the USA with 24+ years of experience. We offer a diverse range of commercial lumber estimating services and Framing Estimating to meet the specific needs of your commercial construction projects. 

Whether you need lumber estimation for your hotel, shopping mall, or office building, we ensure that we provide valuable support throughout your project. Reach out to us today and get a chance to make your project successful.


What Makes Us Different From Our Competitors?

When you choose us for your commercial lumber takeoff and estimating needs, you get access to comprehensive and tailored lumber estimating solutions for your project. 

Our 100% accurate estimates, detailed deliverables, and professional team of commercial lumber estimators ensure that your construction projects are streamlined and successful.

Here are the reasons why you should choose us as your trusted estimating partner:

Expertise and Accuracy

With our expertise and attention to detail, you can count on us for accurate lumber estimates that meet your actual project needs.

Access to Specialized Tools

Our skilled estimators utilize the latest software and technologies that streamline the commercial lumber estimation process and ensure seamless project efficiency.

Cost Saving Solutions

Outsourcing your lumber estimation to us saves you precious time and valuable resources that can be redirected to other aspects of your project.

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Our Samples

No matter how large your commercial project is, we always come up with customized lumber estimating solutions that cater to your estimating needs. Explore our samples of commercial lumber estimate projects below.

Explore The Potential Of Our Commercial Lumber Estimating

Searching for a reliable and professional lumber estimating company for your construction project? Our commercial lumber estimate firm is your go-to destination for accurate and efficient lumber estimation. We specialize in providing comprehensive and effective lumber estimating for a wide range of commercial projects.

Lumber estimator

Our Clients

Our commercial lumber takeoff company’s experts know the importance of providing detailed and accurate lumber takeoff and estimating services to busy builders and millwork contractors. Our estimates are incredibly detailed and tailored to the specific requirements of each client.

At our company, we provide our customized commercial lumber takeoff services to meet our client’s needs precisely.
We utilize our years of experience with the combination of advanced software to ensure that our clients get top-quality lumber estimates for their projects.

Check our clients to whom our commercial lumber takeoff consultants offer services!

General Contractors




Millwork Contractors


How to Get Our Lumber Estimating Services?

When starting any new construction project, it is crucial to get the precise measurements for the lumber that is required for the project. That’s where our commercial lumber process comes in. Our team of expert commercial lumber cost estimators analyzes your blueprints and generates a precise list of materials, making sure that you have everything to complete your commercial construction project. Our estimation process includes the following steps.

Share Your Details

First, you’ve to share your project’s drawings and blueprints with our expert team to get an estimate for it.

Get a Quote

Our qualified team will analyze your project specifications, and create a quote as per your given details.

Clear Charges

You’ve to pay an invoice that we’ll send you with our quotation through bank transfer, debit/credit card, or PayPal.

Receive an Estimate

Once you clear charges, our team of skilled estimators will generate an accurate estimate for you.

Get Our Accurate Lumber Estimate For Your Project!

Avail discount on your first estimate by sharing your project details with us.

Our Portfolios

Our Lumber Deliverables

When you choose our estimating company for your commercial construction project, you get access to a wide range of deliverables designed to complete your project. Our deliverables include:

Lumber Quantities and Costs

Our lumber takeoff provides precise and accurate quantities of lumber that are required to complete your project.

Bid Summaries

Our bid summaries include a breakdown of total material, labor, and equipment costs, and other relevant expenses.

Lumber Cut Lists

We provide detailed instructions on cutting lengths of lumber with our accurate lumber cut lists.

Inclusion and Exclusions

We ensure that all inclusions and exclusions are included in our prepared lumber takeoffs.

Marked-up Up Drawing

To assist you in your project, we provide marked-up drawing plans that visually represent the lumber requirements.

Consultation and Review

Our experienced estimators meticulously review your plans, specifications, and project requirements, and provide expert consultation.

Happy Clients

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Our Commercial Lumber Estimating Takeoffs

We understand the importance of accurate and precise lumber planning and budgeting for any construction project. That’s why we provide a detailed and comprehensive lumber takeoff service, which contains a material list, blueprint and framing analysis, waste analysis, quantity calculation, and cost estimation. With our lumber estimating services, contractors, architects, and engineers can be confident that they are ordering the right amount of materials and saving costs for the project. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we provide customized lumber estimating services for specific projects. We understand that every project has unique requirements and specifications. Our expert estimators prepare tailored estimating solutions for individual clients.

We strive to provide accurate material takeoff for any commercial project within 6-24 hours. However, this duration will extend depending on the project’s size and complexity. 

Our lumber estimates are 100% accurate and precise as we always make sure to provide tailored estimates for every project. Additionally, our estimators use high-tech estimating software that ensures accuracy in our prepared lumber estimates.

We quantity many materials in our lumber takeoffs such as wood paneling, plastic fabrication, wood veneers, plywood floor sheathing, timber, and laminated headers. 

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