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On the report of a recent survey, the average cost to build a house in Texas is $265,000. And the lumber work cost for this house is anywhere between $35,000 to $85,000.

Yes, you read it right, the lumber work cost is so much higher as lumber material is used to frame a house that provides the house a firm structure. So, you can’t overlook the importance of accurate lumber estimates

If you are a lumber contractor and living in Texas state, then you must outsource with our lumber takeoff services Texas.
We are the leading lumber estimating company Texas, having more than 20 years of experience.

Contact us now to get our top-notch estimates from our lumber estimators Texas.

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Our Lumber Estimating Services Range

At our lumber takeoff firm Texas, we aim to provide comprehensive and detailed takeoff reports and estimating services. Whether your lumber project is related to the residential or commercial sector, we have tailored lumber estimating solutions for all. Check out what is included in our lumber estimating services range.

Want to Make Your Ongoing Lumber Porject Successful? What Are You Waiting For? Reach Us Today!

Are you worried about the success of your current lumber project? Then outsource with our lumber takeoff services Texas that help you to complete your project successfully without the hassle of running outbid. Reach us today!

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Why Should You Choose Us?

No doubt, the lumber industry of Texas state is booming with time. Unfortunately, during the recent few years, a 13% decrease has been seen in the lumber industry of Texas. The most striking fact is that more than 50% of lumber contractors failed to attain their desired profit margin.

Various reasons for this high failure rate include resource mismanagement, lack of time, inexperience team, being unaware of industry standards, cost overruns, time delays, and more. But the most crucial factor is that every 6 out of 10 lumber contractors are not getting accurate lumber cost estimates.

An accurate lumber cost estimate is the key to the success of any lumber project. So, if you are a lumber contractor from Texas, struggling to make your project successful. Hire us today.

Lumber Estimator is among the top 5 lumber takeoff companies in Texas, providing top-notch lumber cost estimates for 24+ years. In our diverse working history, we have dealt with all kinds of lumber projects from residential, commercial, and industrial construction niches.

With this, we have a huge spectrum of lumber cost estimators Texas who have in-depth industry knowledge and proficiency in using advanced estimating tools. So, waste no time, get in touch today.

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#1 Lumber Estimating Company in Texas

Every 9/10 lumber contractors rely on our lumber estimating services Texas. The reason for this high acceptance rate is our commitment to providing 100% accurate lumber cost estimates.

With this, our expert lumber estimators Texas meticulously analyze the project details and craft a customized budget plan according to our client’s specific needs. Moreover, we help contractors with a 5% or less profit margin to leverage this ratio up to 8%-15%.

We not only increase the profit margin for the current project but also facilitate them with long-term success by providing increment in their business growth up to 20%. So, don’t hesitate to reach us.

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Our Lumber Estimation Clients

At our lumber estimating firm, our estimators leverage their in-depth industry knowledge and provide accurate cost estimates to our clients. From general contractors to renovation contractors, we serve all. Have a look at our clientele list.


We facilitate general contractors with our accurate lumber cost estimates and ensure their construction project success.

Carpentry Companies

We join hands with carpentry companies to make their potential lumber projects profitable.


Being a construction developer, you would certainly need cost-effective lumber estimating services, so here we are to assist you.

Framing Estimators

No matter what type of project, you need lumber takeoff services Texas, we specialize in providing comprehensive takeoff reports.

Renovation Contractors

Are you a renovation contractor? Want to make your current project profitable? Outsource with our lumber estimating services.


Architects get our reliable services of lumber takeoffs Texas by sending us their project drawing plans.

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What Do We Quanify and Deliver in Our Takeoff and Estimate Reports?

Are you going to start your new lumber work project? Then you would need a reliable lumber estimator who can make your project successful. Come to Lumber Estimator and get our takeoff and estimate reports. Explore below to know what is included in these reports.

What Materials Do We Quantify?

Our Lumber Estimation Deliverables

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    Whether you need lumber takeoff services Texas for your residential or commercial project, Lumber Estimator is the one-stop solution for all. If you need clarification about our estimating services, you can get in touch now. Our staff is available 24/7 to address queries of our customers.

    We cater to a diverse spectrum of clients including carpentry companies, contractors, subcontractors, designers, developers, architectural firms, framing estimators, and many more.
    We support the Quickbooks Online Payment Method as it is the best way to secure the financial information of our clients. However, you can pay through online bank transfer, credit card, debit card, or PayPal.
    We are committed to delivering 100% accurate lumber cost estimates. We use a data-driven approach, zip-code-based prices, and our experience to ensure this accuracy. Also, with a team of professional estimators with in-depth industry knowledge and expertise in using advanced estimating tools, we achieve the highest level of accuracy.
    Yes, we can provide lumber estimates if your project drawings still need to be completed. At our estimating firm, we have a network of designers, engineers, developers, and architects with whom we are involved from the initial stages of the project. Hence, they help me to get accurate cost estimates if drawings are incomplete.

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